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Angela Shelton

I had a fall in December and broke my foot and fractured my shoulder and have 2 partial rips to my rotator cuff. Due to being in a wheelchair for ten weeks I’m having a hard time walking. I started occupational almost 3 weeks ago on my shoulder and the team had mentioned to me the aquatic therapy to help with my walking. I went in for an assessment and started. I’ve only had the water therapy once but I’m already seeing a difference. The team is great to work with. I would give them more than a five if available.

Wally Sherman

Outstanding care and knowledge from my PT John McMann. He was hands on and very important in my recovery from knee replacement. I highly recommend TriStar and John {Will}.

Aquatic Therapy in East Tennessee – Recover Gently in Water

If joint or muscular injuries, surgery, or chronic conditions are slowing you down, aquatic therapy might be the solution. Offered by Tristar Physical Therapy clinicians in East Tennessee, aquatic therapy leverages the unique properties of water to facilitate healing and improved mobility without added stress on the body.

An Ideal Aquatic Rehabilitation Environment

Our state-of-the-art facility features a custom-built therapy pool kept at a pleasant temperature with full accessibility features to safely ease entry. Resistance devices and other equipment allow a diverse range of strengthening and cardio activities. By providing an encouraging atmosphere focused fully on your recovery, our patients find working towards wellness in water refreshing and relieving. Our skilled clinicians help ease anxiety and empower you to progress beyond limitations through individualized programming.

Who Can Benefit from Aquatic Physical Therapy?

Our pool therapy programs are tailored to adults and children with:

  • Acute sports injuries, falls, or accidents
  • Post-operative rehabilitation needs
  • Arthritic conditions like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis
  • Neurological conditions like stroke, MS, or Parkinson’s
  • Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, headaches
  • Orthopedic surgery – knee, hip, shoulder, back, etc.
  • Light-headedness, dysautonomia, or circulation deficits

We also work frequently with seniors looking to improve strength and balance as well as pediatric patients with disabilities or developmental delays who need to build coordination and stamina. If traditional land-based exercise is too high-impact, consider our aquatic therapy services.

How Our Aquatic Therapy Works

During water therapy sessions with {Staff_Name}, you will perform a variety of exercises and functional activities with assistive aids as needed. With the support of buoyancy cushioning your body, you will move more freely than gravity would typically allow. You will breathe easier and feel the tension melt away.

Your certified therapist will guide you through each exercise, providing instruction, and real-time feedback on technique and effort to ensure you maintain proper alignment and control. They will customize the activities to target your specific condition and mobility needs while progressing you appropriately. As your body adapts to the water environment and we release restrictions, patients are often surprised by how much lighter, freer, and fluid movement becomes. We leverage water’s natural therapeutic benefits for integrative mobility relief.

Art and Science of Custom Aquatic Therapy Programming

We blend clinical art and science to craft individualized aquatic therapy treatment plans addressing your deficits and goals, including:

  • Muscular endurance training
  • Balance, coordination, and agility drills
  • Core and lower body strengthening
  • Aerobic conditioning & endurance
  • Gait re-education
  • Vestibular and vertigo rehabilitation
  • Pre & post-natal musculoskeletal conditioning
  • Soft tissue restriction release
  • Sensorimotor re-education for coordination

Your therapist tracks progress across metrics like pain levels, joint mobility, balance, strength increases, soft tissue pliability gains, coordination, and easing of movement restrictions. We adjust protocols continually as you improve.

Benefits of Water Rehab with East Tennessee Experts

Our skilled staff employ the latest clinical techniques to optimize the advantages of the pool environment:

  • Gentle Rehabilitation:
    The support of water prevents added stress on injured joints and tissues by cushioning the body and reducing gravitational forces. This allows progression without pain hindering your mobility.
  • Increased Flexibility & ROM:
    The warmth and freedom aquatic immersion creates encourages the loosening of tight muscles and joints to regain normal mobility and range of motion.
  • Enhanced Strength & Stamina:
    The gentle resistance water enhances muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, and overall stamina without over-exertion or fatigue.
  • Integrative Pain Relief:
    Our therapies leverage the soothing nature of water for natural pain relief while building strength to provide lasting mobility benefits.

FAQs About Aquatic Therapy:

Who benefits most from water therapy?
Those with painful joint conditions, restricted flexibility after injuries, mobility issues, or who require post-op rehab fare best, though anyone can benefit.

How often should it be done?
1-3 times per week is typical, with daily continued home exercises. Your therapist guides you on optimal frequency.

What conditions can aquatics address?
Arthritis, fibromyalgia, stroke, spinal cord injuries, trauma recovery, orthopedic surgery rehab, chronic fatigue, dizziness, pre/post-natal needs, pediatric development, and more find relief.

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Begin Healing Gently Through East Tennessee Water Therapy

Aquatic physical therapy leverages the unique benefits of water to facilitate healing and renewed wellness. Contact Tristar Physical Therapy today to learn more or schedule an initial aquatic evaluation. Our compassionate therapists eagerly await helping you recover comfortably.