Tristar Physical Therapy Testimonials

This is the best Physical therapy place I have ever been to. Emily is a great therapist. Everyone in there are the nicest and most caring people. It’s always a easy relaxing feeling here. Patients and therapists laughing together. I don’t know everyone’s name yet, so I’m talking about this business as a whole. I have been there for a couple of weeks and I guarantee you will get the best care ever. I have met some of the friendliest people here. Highly recommend getting your Physical therapy here. I couldn’t walk on my left foot without limping. After 2 years of pain, I can walk on it again.

Kathy Gray

I have received excellent service at Tristar Physical Therapy. The entire staff is gracious, friendly and make you feel at ease with the complete process. Emily, Chris and Cecilia are awesome! I am almost done with my right hip therapy and will be returning to them for my left next month. I highly recommend Tristar to anyone in need of PT. 

Lorie Cook

I had a fall in December and broke my foot and fractured my shoulder and have 2 partial rips to my rotator cuff. Due to being in a wheelchair for ten weeks I’m having a hard time walking. I started occupational almost 3 weeks ago on my shoulder and the team had mentioned to me the aquatic therapy to help with my walking. I went in for an assessment and started. I’ve only had the water therapy once but I’m already seeing a difference. The team is great to work with. I would give them more than a five if available. 

Angela Shelton

My experience it Tri-Star was just great the people there were always a big help Emily get me walking straight up again and the pain lessened but was unable to complete her job because the VA disallowed any further treatment on me because of my age and the slow progress I was making because it took them VA so long to get me in treatment from the beginning of my injury. Renée is doing a good job my hand was closing and I was able to feed myself pulled my zipper up dress myself, cook something I was unable to do the pain still there and VA stopped me because I’m too old and they don’t want to invest money on me or my healthcare. The support people at Tri-Star are also wonderful, they treated me with respect kindness and like a Human. Chris was running around helping people and always had a smile for you.. So I thank everyone at Tri-Star for caring for me. RB 


Tristar Physical Therapy is my only choice when it come to PT care. I am 59 and have been hard on my body when it came to work. Then throw in motorcycles and mother nature out to get me, forget about it. More animal wreck me than Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Anyway, I have been to a lot of different places around the Tri-Cities area and I found Tristar in Morristown. A bit of a drive from Rogersville but worth it once I experienced the care and compassion they show their patients. So each time I had to go to PT I would pick Tristar. Then there was one in Bean Station. Went there and just as good. Then I had to go pre shoulder surgery and they opened one here in Rogersville. Without hesitation I had the referral sent and without disappointment the exceeded my expectations. They have my range of motion at 95% which is AWESOME in such a short period of time. They help explain what my surgeon told me by using a laptop with images easier to understand then a picture of an MRI and understand the choices the doctor gave me so I could make a more informed decision. I will be there 8 days after surgery ready to pick up where we left of. The atmosphere is like walking into your livingroom, it is relaxed and uplifting. You can joke around with one another. I have walked in there in a bad mood but NEVER left in one. I like that. They do not forget about you after your PT is over. They check in to see how things are going, how your progess is afterward and if you need anything. 

Titanium John

Thankful to TriStar Physical Therapy for the excellent therapy I received. Had triple fracture in right wrist and when the cast came off had pain, weakness and very limited movement. Started therapy the same day. Staff was helpful, friendly and most importantly, concerned about my improvement. As I reached each goal my treatment was revised to improve each category of my recovery. Proud to say that at the end of treatment schedule I was able to return to work and have not had any problems. Great therapy and exercises to do at home when not at therapy. I feel the combination of these accelerated me to a quick and full recovery. Thank you, TriStar! 

Danny Calfee