Dr. Kesley Kirk

Dr. Kesley Kirk


Clinic: Morristown

Kesley is originally from Jackson, TN and has been passionate and a believer of the physical therapy profession since the age of 12; at which point he broke his leg during a football game, and without immediate surgery, would have led to amputation.

This required months of physical rehabilitation. Throughout that experience, Kesley had developed life-long relationships with all of those who helped him get back to being the same kid, doing all of the things that he could do before his injury. This experience is what led to him pursuing a kinesiology degree from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, and from there he went on to graduate from East Tennessee State University’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program.

As a physical therapist, Kesley hopes to be the bright spot in each of his patients’ day. His end goal is to reduce their pain and to help them regain their function so that they can live their best lives and do the things that they love.

Kesley also loves spending time with his fiancé Makayla, his dog Cooper, and his cats Kitter and Charlie. During Fall, you can normally catch him somewhere around Neyland Stadium on most Saturdays.