Hannah Cole

Office Manager

Clinic: Morristown
Hannah Cole’s Professional Biography:

Hannah Cole, at 27 years old, is not only a dedicated mother to her two energetic boys, aged 5 and 6, but also the heartwarming office manager at the Morristown clinic. Living in the small city of Rutledge, she finds joy and balance in her life through:

  • Devoting quality time to her family and friends
  • Embracing the support of her close-knit “village”

At work, Hannah is known for her welcoming presence, ensuring that everyone who enters the clinic is greeted with:

  • A warm, friendly smile
  • A light-hearted, corny joke to brighten their day

Hannah’s role as an office manager extends beyond administrative duties; she plays a crucial part in creating a positive and inviting atmosphere for both staff and patients. Her commitment to her family and her ability to bring a touch of warmth and humor to the clinic truly define her professional and personal identity.